Prorack PR3041 Kayak Stand

Prorack Kayak Stand
Prorack PR3041 Kayak Stand


Prorack PR3041 Kayak Stand

PR3041 The Prorack Kayak Stand is designed to maximise the available space on the roof rack by carrying plastic kayaks and surf skis on their edge.
The kayaks sit on the roof rack and are securely tied back to the padded stand.
Suitable for most moulded plastic kayaks and boards.
Two kayaks can be carried simultaneously, one either side of the upright.
Fits european style square bars 30mmx20mm and most aero bars Thule, Prorack, Rhino, Mont Blanc

NB: We recommend using a front and rear tie down set to secure long kayaks.

*Roof Racks Not Included

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